ATMEGA 3D Printer Mainboard


Open source ATMega-based board for 3D printers.


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Open source ATMega-based board for 3D printers, soft material CNC routers, engravers, etc.
Universal, high quality and easy to use. Use the mainboard with the DRV8825 stepper driver board (not incl.).


  • outputs:
    • X, Y, Z, E1 and E2 stepper motors
    • E1 and E2 heater
    • heated bed
    • 2 x unregulated DC output
    • 2 x fan
  • inputs:
    • X, Y and Z end stops
    • E1, E2 and heated bed sensor
    • power supply screw connector
    • power supply 2.1/5.5 mm DC jack
    • reset button
  • I/O for:
    • LCD display
    • rotary encoder with pushbutton
    • SD-card holder
    • custom external circuitry
    • in-circuit programming
  • also provided:
    • status LEDs
    • on-board RESET button
    • male board-to-wire connectors
    • space for optional IDC male header connectors



  • power supply: 12 – 15 VDC


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