0.35 mm Direct drive Extruder for K8200 3D Printer


Improve the print performance of your K8200 3D printer kit.


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  • kit includes:
    • extruder with 0.35mm nozzle for 1.75mm filament
    • direct drive unit with stainless steel pulley
    • hi-power plug-in stepper driver
  • upgrade your K8200 in 3 easy steps:
    • remove existing extruder assembly and replace with direct drive extruder
    • remove existing stepper driver and replace with supplied hi-power stepper driver
    • download and update main board firmware

It is advised to combine this upgrade with the Z-axis upgrade rod and coupler!


Slicer configuration file

  • K8203-PLA-standard.ini
    Slic3r configuration file for standard PLA prints. Consult the K8200 manual on how to use this file. This file is only compatible with Repetier 0.90 and Slic3r 0.9.10b.


Building instructions

Upgrading the firmware


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